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  We do not know how the first fire was 21 __________ .Early fires on the earth were certainly caused by nature,not by Man,some were caused by lightning in a storm;22 __________,perhaps,by the hot material which came out of a volcano.Quite possibly,at times,the heat of the sun set light 23__________ some dry grass or leaves.At first Man,like other animals,was probably afraid of fire. 24 __________ great was the power of fire that he feared it and worshipped it.Gradually,however,with his better power of thinking,he overcame his fear.Probablly he overcame most of his fear when he 25 __________ how to make fire for himself.Throughout the ages he has learned more about fire,how to control it,and how to use it 26 __________ many ways.Now fire is no longer a master of a god;it is a 27__________ .
  We call only guess how 28 __________ first learned that a fire was useful and what uses he made of it.By 29 __________ a burning stick from fire which had been started naturally,he could make afire at his own“home”.He could keep the fire burning by adding more dry grass.1eaves and wood.The‰30 __________the chief purpose of frightening animals away.He discovered,by some accident,that flesh roasted in front of a fire 31 __________ better.Then he found that roasted flesh would keep longer,without going bad, 32 __________ uncooked flesh.It must have been much later that Man learned to cook food by heating it with 33 __________water or with steam.He could not use such methods 34 __________ he had learned how to make pots 35__________ holding water.
  第21题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.made B.produced C.givenD.opened
  第22题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.some B.other C.othersD.another
  第23题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.at B.to C.towardsD.on
  第24题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.So B.Such C.ThatD.And
  第25题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.invented B.saw. C.discoveredD.known
  第26题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.by B.on C.withD.in
  第27题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.servant B.employee C.workmateD.kid
  第28题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.Man B.the Man C.heD.Men
  第29题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.bringing B.carrying C.takingD.holding
  第30题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.meet B.served C.didD.took

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