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31题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.tasted B.ate C.muchD.is
  第32题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.than B.when C.afterD.before
  第33题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.boiled B.unboiled C.boilingD.cold
  第34题请 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.before B.until C.whenD.after
  第35题 请选择出最佳答案填入()。
  A.to B.with C.inD.for
  Hobbs was an orphan.He worked in a fact&y and every day he got a little money.Hard work changed him thin and weak.He wanted to borrow a lot of money to learn painting pietures,but he did not think he could pay off the debts.
  One day the lawyer said to him,“One thousand dollars,and here is the money.”As Hobbs took the package of noted,he was very dumbfounded.He didn’t know where the money
  canle from and how to spend it.He said to himself,“I could go to find a hotel and live like a rich man for a few days:or I give up my work in the factory and do what I'd like to d0:painting pictures.I could do that for a few weeks.but what would I do after that?I should have lost my place of the factory and have no money to live on.If it were a little less money.I would buy a new coat,or a radi0,or give a dinner to my friends.If it were more,I could give up the work and Pay for painting pictures.But it’s too much for one and too little for the other.”
  “Here is the reading of your uncle’s will”,said the lawyer,“telling what is to be done with this money after his death.I must ask you to remember one point.Your uncle has said you must bring me a paper showing exactly what you did with his money,as soon as you have spent it.”“Yes.I see.I'll do that.”said the young man.
  第36题 He wanted to borrow money because he wanted to__________.
  A.study abroadB.work abroadC.pay for the debtsD.1earn to paint pictures
  第37题 Hobbs was dumbfounded on receiving the money because he thought_________.
  A.the money was too muchB.the money was too little
  C.he would be dismissedD.the lawyer meant to punish him
  第38题 With the money he got,first Hobbs________.
  A.planned to have a happy life for a few days
  B.decided to give up his work in the office
  C.was to give a dinner to his friends
  D.had no idea what to do
  Not many years ago,a wealthy and rather strange old mall named Johnson lived alone in a village in the south of England.He had made a lot of money in trading with foreign countries.When he was seventy-five.he gave£1200 to the village school to buy land and equipment for a children’s playground.
  As a result of his kindness,many people came to visit him.Among them was a newspaperman.During their talk,Johnson remarked that he was seventy—five and expected to live to be a hundred.The newspaperman asked him how he managed to be healthy at seventy-five.Johnson had a sense of humour(幽默).He liked whisky(威士忌酒)and drank    some each day.“I have an injection(注射)in my neck each evenin9,”he told the newspaperman,thinking of his evening glass of whisky.
  The newspaperman did not understand what Johnson meant.In his newspaper he reported that Johnson was seventy.five and had a daily injection in his neck.Within a week   Johnson received thousands of letters from all over Britain.asking him for the secret of his daily injection.
  第39题 The gift of money to the school suggests that Johnson_________.
  A.had no childrenB.was a strange man
  C.was very fond of childrenD.wanted people to know how rich he was
  第40题 Many people wrote to Johnson to find out,_________.
  A.what kind of whisky he hadB.how to live longer
  C.how to become wealthyD.in which part of the neck to have an injection
  第41题 The newspaperman_________.
  A.should have reported what Johnson had told him
  B.shouldn’t have asked Johnson what iniection he had
  C.was eager to live a long life
  D.should have found out what Johnson really meant
  第42题 When Johnson said he had an injection in his neck each evening.he really meant that_________.
  A.he drank a glass of whisky in the evening
  B.he needed all injection in the neck
  C.a daily injection in the evening would make him sleep well
  D.there wag something wrong with his neck

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